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Rose Assumpcao, born in Rio de Janeiro, was granted the honorable title “Comendadora Grande Mestra” by the Brazilian Association of Drawing and Visual Arts (A.B.D) in 1982. Assumpcao is a member of the “Paranapua” Arts Academy - Rio De Janeiro Assumpcao passion for art led her to take up advanced studies at Brazilian Association of Art and the Museum Art in Rio de Janeiro, among others. Asscumpcao works has been displayed in several individual and group exhibitions in Brazil, Portugal, Italy and The United States.


Marineide Machado describes her work as a moment of peace and great pleasure. Machado’s work showcases her strong interest in landscapes and florae and her work is regularly displayed in exhibitions in Brazil and abroad.


Gustavo is a young artist that started interesting in painting by the influence of his father who is a preeminent artist in Rio de Janeiro. His works depict a naïve vision of an abstract world with bold colors and dramatic gesture .


Neiva Passuello was born in Erechim, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil and has been a resident of Curitiba, Parana, Brazil since 1975. An artist of warm tones, who creates an atmosphere of great influence taking us to the world full of light and colors, Passuello has searched for inspirations in other themes for a long time and found her passion in painting stagnant figures in daily life, most of which are captured by her though photography. Passuello often participates in art salons and exhibitions in Brazil, Italy, Unites States, Argentina and Portugal and have won several awards and honorable mentions for her work.


Vera Rodrigues was born and lives in Rio de Janeiro. She is a full time painter and draws her inspiration from nature, landscape using oil paint and acrylic. Rodrigues interest for art began with drawings using crayon and ink pens. She has been working with varying techniques throughout her career.  Rodrigues work has been in display in Brazil, Portugal (Lisbon), USA (New York and Miami), and Argentina (Buenos Aires and Ushuaia). Rodrigues work reflects her passion for the beauty of the exuberant nature.


Izabel Mano graduated in graphic Design at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. She has worked as wood furniture designer, interior designer, worked in mosaics and switched to paining in 2007. With nature as her focal subject, Mano captures the landscapes and delicate flowers, in her oil painting, using light and strong colors resembling watercolor works.


Sandra Erse is a “Grande Mestra Commander and Vice President” of the Brazilian Association of Drawing and Visual Arts (A.B.D) and member of the Literature and Arts of Paranapua, Rio de Janeiro. Erse has been awarded cultural merits and honorary mentions by the Legislative Assembly and City council of Rio de Janeiro for her work and great contributions to the growth and valorization of culture. Erse’s figurative paintings highlight both lights and shades with realistic colors and details. Erse teaches painting, drawing with dry pastel, airbrush and decorative art and also organizes exhibitions to promote art internationally.


A retired civil engineer from Furnas - Brazil, Walter Chavarry began painting at the age of 7 participating in drawing and painting contests. At the age of 12, Chavarry won the first prize at the Museum of Fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro. Chavarry through his work address several social issues and the gauze used in most of his works symbolizes a bandage to ease the suffering and carelessness of many forgotten boys and girls in the streets of our cities.


The only Brazilian to receive the Gold Medal from the French Academy of Fine Arts: “Arts – Science – Letters”. Isis Berlinck Renault, graduated in drawing and painting from the Institute of Fine Arts of Rio de Janeiro, Director of the Brazilian Academy of Fine arts and the Deliberative Council Member of the Brazilian Society of Fine Arts, has participated in several art salons and exhibited in group and individual in nation and international wide.



Gisa Machado, a multi-talented artist with no limits passionately captures details of nature and colors in her works. In her new phase, Machado aspires to create art that meets the expectation of the demanding contemporary world, to match perfectly to their environment.  New shapes in addition to fashionable textures and colors reveal her skill to create her own universe. Machado work has been exhibited in Brazil, Lisbon, New York, Rome and Paris


"I like Japanese Ikebana Art as a kind of sculptures of flowers. The “Three Blue Vases” and “Primary Colors” are inspired by my old drawings and photos about these beautiful flower arrangements.The original drawings are sold. I have made the original paintings to Alternative Art Space, this year, with acrylic on canvas. I hope you enjoy them."


Katia Politzer was born and still is a resident of Rio de Janeiro city. She graduated from UFRJ’s School of Fine Arts and attend art related  courses  at the Modern Art Museum and School of Visual Arts in Rio, at De Cordova Museum and Northeastern University in USA.

Politzer has displayed her work in various solo and group exhibitions – Carroussel du Louvre in Paris; Miami, Dallas and New York in USA and at the 2nd Biennale of Palermo in Italy. In June 2016 she her solo exhibition was with the artist Doris Nougueria-Rogers at the Marly Faro Gallery in Rio de Janeiro.


Regina Guimmaraes was born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Guimmaraes thoughts on various aspects to capture immediate emotions are visible in her work. Guimmaraes’s work represents her strong personality, in vibrant and cheerful colors in spots transforming into images, as an artist. Her work has been part of various national and international fairs, group and solo exhibitions in many countries and has been a winner of several awards. Guimmaraes’s art does not say who she is, but who she can be.


Sergio Piranguense born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil is a federal civil servant. Piranguense graduated in Arts and completed his post-graduation graduated in Sport Journalism from Adesguiano-Cepe in 2007. He is a Publicity Agent; illustrator Journalist; Caricaturist; Political Cartoonist; Cartoonist; Magician; Writer; Plastic Artist registered in Brazilian Association of Drawing and Visual Arts (A.B.D). In 2012 he was honored with the Trofeu de Melhor Obra do Salao de Artes Plasticas do Centro Cultural do Palacete laguna, RJ (Best Artwork Trophy of the plastic Arts Hall in Laguna Small Palace Cultural Center – RJ). Piranguense’s work has been exhibited internationally.

Ramon brandao

The old automobiles are the passion and trademark of Ramon Brandao. He finds his inspirations while walking in the streets. Brando sketches showcase his skills to capture the common image and transform them into a poetic art.

dema reis

Dema Resis has been an artist since 1975, with 40 years of dedication to publishing. He has participated in 23 group exhibitions and in 5 solo exhibitions in Salvador, Bahia, Sao Paulo-SP and Santaluz-Ba. He has participated in various art fairs and has been an exclusive artist of the Bank of Arts in Sao Paulo. Resis was can be seen across major cities in Brazil and largely in Salvador. Internationally his works are displayed in Germany, France, Spain, Holland, USA and Canada.

Reis, a graduate from the Federal University of Bahia-UFBA, majored in drawing and visual arts. He is also has a bachelor degree in History from the Catholic University of Salvador and Accounting from Faculty Visconde de Cairu.



As a lawyer by formation, D. Candidas is an artist that uses grounded glass to achieve a very textured and colorful surface on her artwork. Using symbols and mandalas, she creates a universe of bright and bold colors. Her works has been exhibited in Portugal, New York, Buenos Aires and Ushuaia. She has been granted many awards by the Brazilian Association of Drawing and Visual Arts. Her work was published in books in Brazil and abroad.